88 FREE ENTRIES into one of the WORLD'S LARGEST LOTTO - Every week - For Life.

If you've ever played the National Lotto or know someone who has then you won't want to miss out on what I'm about to say to you today...

I'll start on a slightly personal note and tell you a bit about myself. Born in the UK some 30 years ago, I've spent most of my life studying and working very hard. After a five year stint in University, I'm now fortunate enough to have a good job that pays reasonably well.

However, spending long years studying (and not working) does take it's toll on your wallet. Of course, there are more important things than money in life such as friends and family but starting out in life with Seventeen Grand of Debt makes you think a little bit more about things in general.

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Having too much month at the end of my money and not the other way round was not very funny at all. I believe in supplementing my income and I believe that there are several effective ways of doing this.

Like most people, I have even tried my hand at playing the lottery. I've played the Lotto a number of times over the last two to three years, usually randomly and have won ten pounds. Not bad, I thought, then a friend of mine showed me something which I found hard to believe.

He showed me that you could play the lottery through syndicates, which automatically improve your chances of winning anything. Not just that, but you could go on to play the UK National Lottery (the largest tax free lottery in the world) absolutely free, twice a week for life! (What?).

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He went on to show me that winnings were in fact a bonus and that you could slowly develop a second income over time regardless of whether or not you were winning! 'Build up a sizable monthly residual income over time, easily achievable even with a busy schedule and you may even hit the jackpot along the way'.

Hmm... I thought. At first I was a little skeptical about the opportunity. I thought that an opportunity that involved the lottery was bound to be stacked against me. How wrong I was, Virtual World Direct have developed a lotto system that significantly increases your odds of winning the UK National Lottery.

Imagine that! Increasing your odds of winning The World's Largest Lottery and building a monthly residual income at the same time. If you like the sound of that then you won't want to miss out on what I have to say...

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My name is Ugo Okonkwo and I want to share this with you. Unfortunately every week, literally millions of us spend large amounts of money on the Lotto, some with very little to show for their efforts. It was as a result of this that the e-lottery was developed.

This system is unique. Developed by Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald, Virtual World Direct is a professionally run lottery syndicate management system expanding worldwide. In the UK, USA, India, Australia, and all over the rest of Europe, people are discovering a great new way to play the UK National Lotto.

Virtual World Direct's e-Lottery Systemô

...Massively Improves Your Chances of Winning The UK National Lottery Game

...Gives You 88 Chances of Winning Every Week!

...Is Convenient and Simple.

The e-Lottery Boosts Your Chances of Striking it Rich!

Like most people, you've probably played countless lottery games and spent a small fortune in the process with little or no success. Virtual World Direct has developed the e-Lottery system which massively improves your chances of winning the UK National Lottery Game, the world's richest lump sum, tax free lottery!


With a single line entry your odds of winning the jackpot are approximately 14 million to 1. Every week people in their millions try to beat the odds and strike it lucky.

The good news is, as a member of Virtual World Direct playing in an e-Lottery syndicate your chances of winning are dramatically increased because you only need to match 5 not 6 main numbers to Scoop the Jackpot!


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10 Reasons why YOU should choose the e-Lottery


Increase your chances of winning on Lotto with the e-Lottery System!


Odds of winning a prize are dramatically shortened to an incredible 1 in 13!


No need to go to the shops to buy your Lotto entries, your numbers are automatically entered for you in every draw!


Syndicates give you much more "Player Power!"


The majority of BIG wins come from syndicates (on Wednesday 28th August 2002 an e-Lottery Syndicate won over £139,000)


Introduce just 5 other people to play e-Lottery and play at NO COST to yourself.


You can play the UK Lotto from anywhere in the World!


If you go abroad on holiday, you don't need to worry about putting your entries on (they are done automatically)


In the first 17 weeks since it launched, the e-Lottery won over £147,000 for its members!


44 entries every Wednesday and every Saturday on the UK Lotto - That's 88 entries every week for just £5 a week!!

To date, nearly every person using the e-lottery system has won a prize since its launch. You also win more per number of balls matched than if you were playing on your own!


But how is all this possible?

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Virtual World Direct automatically places you in a syndicate of 49 players and allocates your 5 lottery numbers. A syndicate is a group of people who combine their efforts to improve their chances of winning and share the same 5 lottery numbers.

These numbers are entered in each UK National Lottery Game draw, which takes place twice a week - Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


You play with only 5 numbers because the e-Lottery system guarantees you the 6th number in every UK National Lottery Game draw. Virtual World Direct are able to do this by combining the remaining 44 numbers with your syndicate's five numbers.

The number of chances or entries each syndicate has is 44, giving each member 44 chances of winning in each draw - that's 88 winning chances every week!

Virtual World Direct Provides Full Back-up... You never need to claim your prizes, Virtual World Direct checks, collects and transfers all your winnings into your member's on-line account.

Your prize money is mailed directly to you with your statement, which lists all your prizes and can be accessed on-line.

The e-Lottery system is convenient, simple, affordable and you can play without leaving your home, wherever you live in the world... ...and all this for just £5.00 a week

To become a member is simple.

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You can make payments via credit/debit card or e-gold if you prefer. If you would like more information or would like to pay by Bank Draft, Postal Order - UK only then please e-mail me here: Please include your address and contact phone number.


The e-Lottery Massively Improves Your Chances of Winning The UK National Lottery Game.

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Remember. VWD Guarantee you The 6th Number in Every Draw


As a member, you can benefit from the rewards programme.

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Take a look at the VWD Opportunity, look at the benefits and rewards!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a whole new lifestyle and income opportunity to gain.


Yes! You have the right to a 14 day money back guarantee so indeed, you have nothing to lose. You can 'suck it and see' with a no risk, free trial. Can you honestly think of a single reason why you wouldn't want to at least take a look?

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Our Mission

There is no miracle online income opportunity. You can't just sit at home and make money (Everyone would love this, NO traffic jams and NO alarm clocks). You can sit at home and lose money! If you market the VWD opportunity with motivation and enthusiasm, you will build up a sizable monthly residual income in a short time period (you may even hit the jackpot). Once you have built up a sizable income, you can then either just sit at home or do the things you love.

The average person works hard for 40 years and retires on a small pension. All this work so that you can look forward to a small payment every 2- 4 weeks. I'm not asking you to give up your full-time job. You can market the VWD opportunity on a part-time basis. If you could build up a sizable income to change your lifestyle within a year, would you do it? Market the VWD opportunity on a part-time basis but think of it as your full-time income generator.

Thinking in this way will enable you to build up a large downline in a small time period. This is your opportunity to build up a sizable income over time and free up the time to enjoy your life. An opportunity that involves no movement of products, just helping people reach their goal of getting the money to really make a difference to their lifestyle.

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I think you'll be delighted at the chance to at last significantly INCREASE your odds of winning at the lotto.


Just look at what other people have to say about this great opportunity

Paul Veverka, England: "In my 8 years of searching for a way to supplement my income, Virtual World Direct has proved to be the most exciting and unique opportunity. From the moment I joined, I knew this was something special. Within 10 months I have over £3,100 GBP of lottery winnings in my bank account and weekly wins keep happening frequently.

The incredible thing is, I'm also getting paid to introduce others to the e-Lottery system. I'm now earning over £500 in commissions each month and intend to create a full-time income with Virtual World Direct.

Customer service is first class and the literature and web site are fantastic . It's truly amazing that this is all happening for only £20 each month!"

Paul Monks, England: "...I have got to say that Virtual World Direct is the most amazing business I have ever been involved in.

Having 88 UK Lotto entries every week for just £5 a week is almost too good to be true, but playing the Lotto at no cost every week by simply introducing a handful of friends is unbelievable!...

...If you are serious about changing and improving your lifestyle then Virtual World Direct is the business for you. An opportunity we can take to all corners of the globe. This is e-commerce at its BEST!"

Maureen Bell, England: When the UK National Lottery first started I joined a syndicate of 15 people and paid £5 a week to enter the Saturday draw. Over a period of 5 years I won NOTHING.

Since joining the e-lottery multi win syndicate system a few weeks ago - where £5 entered me into BOTH the Wednesday and Saturday draw - I have won an amazing 12 times - my partner has won 4 times and my two cousins in Australia won £245 after being in only 10 days.

Now because of the amazing rewards system we are all entered into the Wednesday and Saturday draw FREE of charge. This really is a business for EVERYONE! Most people play the lottery - why not join a system that gives them 88 lines a week that COSTS £5 instead of £88 - have a WINNING number guaranteed and a chance to be in FREE of Charge.

There is NO pressure - just become a member for just £5 a week and increase your chances of winning a Prize (that is definitely OK by itself) then if you choose - introduce 5 people and be in the lotto FREE - you then have the choice to build a team and earn a truly residual income. Whatever you choose to do - you will always be a WINNER.

The Back up from the Company is exemplary - THANK YOU all at VWD for your unswerving support.


Brian Groves, Wales: I've played the UK National Lottery from day one and received a mere handful of £10 prizes. Joining Virtual World Direct has proved a wonderful investment. After just a few months as a member I have scooped nearly £3,000.00 in Lotto prize money.

Nick Sky, Greece: Many colleagues are deeply impressed with the e-Lottery system so it looks like the number of players in my group is going to increase considerably over the coming months. I feel privileged to be part of the Virtual World Direct family. With such a wise syndicate system and generous compensation plan, it is predictable that more and bigger Lotto wins will be shared amongst us in the future.

Colin Mitchell, England: Within three months of playing the e-Lottery system I had four Lottery wins and £2,846.95 deposited into my Virtual World Direct account. People are now starting to take an interest when I talk about this system. It's not just about winning big but winning regularly.

Gary Bishop, England: I owe a great deal of thanks to someone I have never met, Tony Pearce, who posted the e-Lottery on a holiday web site. I took up the idea that same day and it has paid off. It's a great idea for doing the lottery.

Neville Makin, England: All the syndicate wins so far serve to demonstrate the winning edge offered by Virtual World Direct, backed up by first class administration and syndicate support. The future looks very exciting and I have already taken a second position.

Haukur Grondal, Iceland: I am very impressed with the Virtual World Direct program and grateful to be a participant. When I opened my mailbox there was a letter from Virtual World Direct. I wondered why they were sending me a statement. I thought it was just some ordinary statement of my account so I didn't open it.

When I did, I was completely taken by surprise. In the envelope was a cheque for GBP 2,846.95. I simply couldn't believe it. I read it over and over again and thought it was some kind of advertisement.

I took the cheque to my bank and they bought it from me without any problem. I'm just overwhelmed. The Virtual World Direct web site is fantastic, the opportunity is fantastic. Furthermore, the service is excellent.

Ugo Okonkwo

P.S.What other opportunity makes it possible for you to play 88 LINES? EVERY WEEK for FREE for LIFE! Take a look at the VWD e-lotto system NOW.

P.S.S.ACT NOW and take advantage of the FREE CHANCE TO WIN £1000 (GBP1000) for free at my VWD web site Guest login as surgeon. As a member introduce your friends or relatives to the free £1000 draw. If they win, you win the same amount!

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