Buy a lottery ticket

As my Spanish teacher once said, you have to speculate in order to accumulate. So buy a lottery ticket.

Did you know that to win you have to do this first? Sounds logical doesn’t it. However, unless you are out there purchasing them regularly, you will never stand a chance. Obstacles are:

It takes time.

It cost money.

You feel like you have spent a great deal of money yet you’ve won nothing.

There are so many ways to overcome these. You can buy a lottery ticket online or offline.

You can buy them at your local convenience shop, in any supermarket or even at some petrol stations. Sometimes, they can be bought via the web at the lotto company’s site.

If you have difficulty… sorry, if it is a challenge (physical, mental or financial challenge) spending money on tickets, close your eyes and dream of what could happen if you won the lotto…

PS.If buying tickets is a SERIOUS financial problem, then think carefully about what you are doing. The lottery is not a solution to financial problems. A finacial adviser, your bank manager or a promotion at work might be more helpful towards improving your cashflow.

So to summarise, the first step to winning the lottery is to purchase a lotto ticket.

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