Claiming Lottery Wins

Not many people think about claiming lottery wins. Big lottery wins.

The sort of win that does not get paid directly into your bank account. You have to go and collect it yourself from the lottery offices.

The sort of win that the shop attendant will not hand over to you across the counter. Because they do not have such large amounts of money in stock.

I’m talking about the sort of win that you have to book security for in order to go and collect. (Wow! Bet you hadn’t thought of that. The security bit, that is.) Read more about claiming lottery wins.

Imagine jumping into your car and driving up to the National Lottery Office. Looking for a parking space, and then walking away from your car after parking it thinking…”I wonder if I will still be driving the same car next week this time.”

Think about the practicalities of this. You may have to book time off work. Yes you could just walk out of the office and head straight to the lottery collection building, never to return to work ever again. But be careful.

What if it's all some sort of cruel joke and you haven't really won a prize? What if you were mistaken? How can you avoid disaster? Here's how:

Collect the prize cheque first. Wait till the lottery jackpot cheque has actually cleared and you notice about a hundred zeros have been added to your bank balance (works better if you are in credit) before you do anything drastic such as sticking two fingers up at your boss and leaving for good!

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