Choosing Numbers

Many people have a system that they like to use for choosing numbers to play the lottery with. Some people just choose numbers at random which sounds like the complete opposite. Is one method better than the other? Is it madness to choose random numbers?

There are other techniques that have been used faithfully and religiously by many. Birthdays, all even numbers or all odd numbers and random number

generators are valid methods of picking numbers. You could even make patterns on the ticket as you mark off the numbers that you want to play.

For instance, you could mark all the numbers that are down the left hand side of the ticket or accross the top or down the right hand side. Or mark the numbers ina diagonal accross the slip of paper. Or in a star shape. These patterns of numbers ll look pretty. But, are they truly random? Hmmm....

Whatever method you choose, the important thing to remember is that some methods will give you a better chance of winning than others will. I have written several articles on why some methods are better than others and recommended the better ones.

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