Lottery Syndicates

Playing in lottery syndicates is one of the smartest moves that any lottery player could make. It’s a really good idea. It’s a SUCCESSFUL idea. Is it a silly idea? (who wants to share their winnings with anyone anyway?)

Most people who win the jackpot are in a syndicate and this is not a coincidence at all. Several different lines of numbers are played in the syndicate. If one line or one player in the syndicate wins, EVERYBODY in the syndicate wins.

Ensure that the syndicate is a recommended lottery syndicate and that it works.

So you could play the most rubbish set of numbers in the lottery yet win millions and all because somebody else in your syndicate was luckier than you or had better numbers than you did. They probably played better numbers because they read my tips on choosing winning lottery numbers which I have posted elsewhere on this site. But that is another story.

If you are serious, play the lottery in a syndicate

because it will increase your chances of winning by several percent. I will not blind you with complex calculations, percentages, fractions and logarithms (though if you really want to know, drop me a line).

Sharing your winnings with the rest of the syndicate is not a bad thing. After all, keeping just 10 percent of a million to yourself is much better than keeping 100 percent of nothing to yourself.

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