Bid to Win. Lowest Unique Bid Wins at e-Lotbidder!

So what is bid-to-win and how does it work ?

It's like an auction. But instead of bidding upwards, you bid DOWNWARDS! Oh! – there’s also some sill required, so get practising.

In a normal auction the highest bidder normally wins, but, with e-lotbidder it's the LOWEST unique bid that wins, which means you can WIN prizes for PENNIES! Literally.

It’s simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. You decide what you think will be the lowest bid that nobody else will make. This makes your bid unique.

2. Submit your bid!

3. If on the closing date of the auction your bid is the lowest unique bid, YOU WIN THE PRIZE!

That’s it. I kid you not! You can place as many bids as you wish. Don't forget that the more bids you make the more you increase your chance of winning incredible prizes for pennies.

And now for the best bit: YOUR FIRST BID IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! Happy Bidding!

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