Euro Millions Lottery Tickets

Supplementing those local and national lotteries with Euro Millions lottery tickets, you’ll find the Euro Millions lottery at your finger tips, a chance to win much bigger money on an international scale.

Started in 2004, the drawing brings together some of the biggest companies and sponsors in the biggest countries in Europe to offer a prize to any resident there.

The Euro millions lottery tickets themselves are composed of seven total numbers. The first five numbers are from the main board, numbered 1-50. The second set of numbers is from the Star board and is numbered 1-9, of which you must choose two.

Euro millions tickets are slightly different of course, depending on the language in which they are printed, but they most look the same and though you must stay in the country and accept the funds in which you won the drawing, you can be from any of the participating nations, of which there are nine.

The winner must be 18 years old to hold the winning Euro Millions lottery tickets and the prize goes to whomever holds that winning ticket, not the person who purchased it.

The average drawing pays back 50% of revenues to prize winnings, with 7% going to the jackpot in the next round and the remaining funds divided amongst the governments of the participating nations.

The odds themselves range from a 1:38 chance of getting two main numbers and a star number correct (the first winning combination) to 1:76,275,360 chance of winning the jackpot. In between, there are varying levels of winnings, depending on the number of numbers you get correct, each level offering a payout, though most are subsequently smaller. The overall chance of winning something in the drawing is valued at about 1 in 24.

For those interested in playing Euro millions, you buy your tickets any number of places. All participating countries have outlets where you can purchase tickets, though a few of the nations involved offer opportunities to buy your Euro millions tickets online as well.

Online purchasing options can be found at numerous websites, including the UK National Lottery site as well as numerous other online outlets for other nations. A quick search online will likely uncover the locations near you to purchase tickets or one of those such websites.

The Euro Millions jackpot, growing every week and offering a chance for any number of millions of European residents to win big, is not only very easy to win at least a small amount of money in, it’s incredibly easy to enter with numerous ticket purchasing options available to you. For anyone 18 or older with a couple extra pounds and some lucky numbers, there are no reasons not to get your tickets now and get started on your lottery chances today.

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