Internet Lottery Business

It is now time to start your Internet Lottery Business

I didn’t set out to create web sites or build an internet lottery business. One thing just seemed to lead to another. I’ll give you an example using this unique home based lottery business opportunity that I have been building since 2002.

There was a period when everywhere I went, everyone seemed to be playing the UK lottery. There was a massive TV advertising campaign at the time and even nurses were forming syndicates to improve their chances of winning. Then one day whilst surfing, I spotted an interesting headline for a business opportunity.

It went a little something like this: ‘…Play The UK Lotto FREE Every Week for Life…Show others how to do this and you can earn ’ Now as an aspiring entrepreneur, given the current circumstances, how could I resist? Not only was there a direct benefit for me if I decided to start playing the lottery, but, and more importantly, I could offer this service to other people with a very good chance that they would take me up on my offer. And I could make money doing it.

I was lucky and yep, the business got off to a great start. I’m still using the same powerful headline today.

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