Youngest Lottery Winners

When thinking about the lottery and youngest lottery winners, the first thought to come to most minds is winning millions of dollars, retiring from work, and spending the rest of your life doing the things that you enjoy most. It is a wonderful dream, and for some, is one that has come true. Read more about these lucky lotto winners:

Lottery Winner Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly (again)
Annie Owens
Lottery Winner Brad Duke

There have been many lottery winners out there. Not all of them get the entire prize, some people have had to share it, but many have won. If not winning the entire jackpot, there are several more that have won smaller amounts through scratch off tickets or others. The UK National lottery makes it possible for anyone to win and donates a good portion of your dollars to good, charitable causes.

The UK National Lottery is played on a regular basis by many adults. The first games took place in 1994 and have been very popular ever since.

There are several ways to play the lottery. You can purchase your tickets and number picks at several retail locations throughout the UK. You can also play online and through interactive digital television. Finally, you can play instantly at supermarket checkouts or play by text.

Whichever outlet you choose, the investment is small, and the rewards have the potential to be life changing.

There have been several winners worldwide and what they and the youngest lottery winners have done with that money varies. Some have invested it; others have given to or started charitable foundations. Some have spent it while others have saved as much of it as possible.

Sheelah Ryan, in 1988, at age 69, won a jackpot of over 55 million dollars. She opened a foundation that helped abused women and children and senior citizens. She also offered a college scholarship to residents of Seminole county where she lived in Florida.

One of the youngest lottery winners, a new college graduate from Delaware took home a $10,000 prize and immediately earmarked it to pay off his student loans.

If we jump across the pond, there was the national lottery winner, Barbara Wragg, about to enter the twilight years of her life, won 7.5m and spread the wealth to her family first, then looked after her friends, the finally began to make donations to charities.

Many that win take their winnings and release them back to the people to help those less fortunate. Some use it first to correct their financial situation, but once they’ve taken care of themselves, they immediately look to the financial welfare of those that they care for.

This lottery has proven to be helpful to those who participate and win in the games. Playing the games has proven to be a life changing event for many who have taken away significant winnings.

The lottery itself makes millions each year and it’s good to know that the money being poured into it gets released to those in need as well as one lucky winner every now and again.

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