Angela Kelly

Once upon a time, in Glasgow, there was a postal worker, a fine young lady by the name of Angela Kelly. She bought a EuroMillions lottery ticket. (Lots of people did too). And you know what? Poor little Angela became poor little RICH Angela.

The luck lady won a mind-blasting 35 MILLION pounds. That’s about 70 million US dollars. A UK record!

She actually read about the prize not being claimed. So thusly, she departed for her home after work to check her ticket. On discovering that she had won, she asked friends to confirm her win. Shock, horror! She’d won for sure!

She duly picked up the telephone and contacted the national lottery office. They asked her to write her name on the back of the ticket.

Ugo- This is interesting. I hope that one day the National Lottery office will ask you to write your name on the back of your winning ticket too.

Angela must still be in shock and the news must be taking time to sink in.

Ugo- Well readers. Angela is a lucky lady indeed and we hope that her great fortune brings her and those around her happiness and peace.

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