Young lottery winner Angela Kelly Is a Lottery player's Dream Come True

Young lottery winner Angela Kelly Scoops 40 Million!

Angela Kelly, the 40 year old retired Postal Worker from Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, UK recently became an extremely wealthy woman. In fact, she scooped up the largest UK lottery jackpot ever, with the Euromillions National Lottery! She has plans as well! Having purchased an outfit to wear to the awarding of the cheque, she also had her nails done for the very first time and has purchased a lovely villa in order to be closer to her sister.

On August 10th, 2007 Young lottery winner Angela Kelly held the ticket to the winning numbers of Euromillions biggest draw. Ms. Kelly was not even aware that she was a winner until several days later she just happened to check her tickets at work over a break. She was in such shock that she had to have 5 of her colleagues verify that she was indeed a very rich woman. Shocked and absolutely thrilled, this single mum admits to being heavily overdraft during the time of her winning.

She was reported to have excitedly declared that she had grand plans of shopping in stores she could only have imagined from before, going for a trip to Hawaii, heading over to visit family in Canada first class, trading in her old Seat for a brand new Mercedes, and finally moving out of the dumpy 2 bedroom flat with her son and of course getting that great villa in Italy.

Since winning, Angela has broken up and then reunited with her boyfriend, Billy Quinn who is a fellow postal worker. At first, Angela was very private and kept herself shut in because she was unsure of how to deal with all the media attention that came from winning the money, but now she feels more adjusted. After taking the time away from her boyfriend, Angela has had some breathing room and the two of them had a chance to speak about things. Being totally in love with each other, Young lottery winner Angela Kelly and Billy have decided to live together in her lovely villa!

Her plan now is to experience some of the things that she and her 14 year old son have never gotten to experience. She and her boyfriend Billy have spent countless hours decorating their new love nest, and showing what an enormously kind heart she has, Angela even purchased a brand new home for Billy's ex wife along with purchasing one equally as nice for her ex! Angela now earns in interest each week what she would normally earn in an entire year at her former postal worker job. It's no doubt that this was well deserved and will be used to make many dreams come true.

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