How to claim a lottery win

Read the fine print of the lottery ticket in order to learn how to claim a lottery win.

You will need your lottery winning reference numbers or receipt or printed slip of paper proving that you bought the lottery ticket. Someone else could have bought the ticket for you of course but the idea is that you have got to prove that you have not ‘manufactured’ a receipt/proof of purchase document.

You will need some photo ID such as a lottery winning passport featuring your lottery winning smiley face.

Dress to impress because if it is a HUGE lottery win, the media will want to make a star of you. Good. Because you deserve it after following all my lottery winning tips.

Think about bee-lining it to your nearest bank branch and paying in that cheque. It probably wouldn’t be a disaster if you lost the cheque. Yes. You are allowed to LOSE a million dollar cheque because there is a good chance that for a small fee, they will re-issue the cheque to you again. Ha! ha! Panic over (whew!).

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