Purple Lottery. The story so far...

Purple lottery is the nick-name that we have given to our site. The real url for our UK lottery syndicate site is: https://www.uk-national-lottery-results-and-numbers.com.

This is a great web address because it totally reflects all that our site is about and it makes us easily findable by the search engines.

But purple is our favourite colour. And of the six billion people that live on our planet, no one had registered purplelottery.com yet. So we had to.

We hope that you love our delicate sprinkling of purple pictures on our site.

If you have any great stories of purple or if you have any beautiful and purple visions, tell us for we would love to know. We may even post it on our site, PurpleLottery.com

Long live purple.
Long live lotteries.

Thank you.
The PurpleLottery team.

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