Premium bonds vs pools vs lottery

By comparing Premium bonds vs pools vs lottery, we can put a win on the lottery into perspective.

The odds are huge. The chances against winning £2 million in the UK National Lottery by matching all 6 winning numbers are 14 million to one. The chances are practically remote, but in fact you have a much better chance of becoming rich and wealthy on the lottery than you have on the Premium Bonds. The chances of the Government making you an instant millionaire are close to 3.37 billion to one. The odds against winning the pools are 30 million to one.

So to summarise,

Lottery 14 million to 1. (Good!)Pools 30 million to 1. (Hmmm...)Premium Bonds 3 billion to 1. (No hope mate!)

Every single combination of numbers has as much a chance of winning the lottery jackpot as any other. This is always going to be the case, no matter how many tickets are purchased or how high the jackpot is.

However, what does alter from one draw to the next draw is the odds against becoming the winner of the jackpot outright. The more tickets purchased, the higher the odds (worse chance) against anyone being a sole jackpot winner.

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