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Brian Groves, Wales: I've played the UK National Lottery from day one and received a mere handful of £10 prizes. Joining the syndicate has proved a wonderful investment. After just a few months as a member I have scooped nearly £3,000.00 in Lotto prize money.

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Nick Sky, Greece: Many colleagues are deeply impressed with the e-Lottery system so it looks like the number of players in my group is going to increase considerably over the coming months. I feel privileged to be part of the syndicate family. With such a wise syndicate system and generous compensation plan, it is predictable that more and bigger Lotto wins will be shared amongst us in the future.

More Lottery Testimonials: 3

Colin Mitchell, England: Within three months of playing the e-Lottery system I had four Lottery wins and £2,846.95 deposited into my account. People are now starting to take an interest when I talk about this system. It's not just about winning big but winning regularly.

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Gary Bishop, England: I owe a great deal of thanks to someone I have never met, Tony Pearce, who posted the e-Lottery on a holiday web site. I took up the idea that same day and it has paid off. It's a great idea for doing the lottery.

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Neville Makin, England: All the syndicate wins so far serve to demonstrate the winning edge offered by the syndicate system, backed up by first class administration and syndicate support. The future looks very exciting and I have already taken a second position.

Lotto Testimonial 6:

Haukur Grondal, Iceland: I am very impressed with the system and grateful to be a participant. When I opened my mailbox there was a letter from Virtual World Direct. I wondered why they were sending me a statement. I thought it was just some ordinary statement of my account so I didn't open it.

When I did, I was completely taken by surprise. In the envelope was a cheque for GBP 2,846.95. I simply couldn't believe it. I read it over and over again and thought it was some kind of advertisement.

I took the cheque to my bank and they bought it from me without any problem. I'm just overwhelmed. The web site is fantastic, the opportunity is fantastic. Furthermore, the service is excellent.

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