UK Lotto Hotpicks

Hotpicks! Whether you are feeling particularly lucky, or you just can't let a good game of chance go by, you'll find that the UK Lotto Hot picks, one of the small games that operates under the National Lotto brand might be just what you are looking for.

Even though a lottery is a game of chance, you already know or know of someone who knows someone who scored big, so the chances always look appealing. For many people, it's just a matter of finding the right game, and if you think that yours might be Lotto Hot picks, there's some good information for you to start off with.

To begin with, Lotto Hot picks will use the numbers that are draw from the main National Lottery, but it is a different game. As the player, you will choose both the numbers and the number of balls that you will try to match, up to the maximum of five.

This is where the game gets pretty strict; you'll have to match all of the numbers chosen, which is why you can limit the amount of numbers that you pick. This is a fairly versatile system that has been fairly popular ever since its inception.

You'll find that one of the things that is the most appealing about the Lotto Hot picks is that the entry fee is pretty inexpensive at £1 per board, and you'll also find it quite enjoyable due to the flexibility of its nature. The National Lottery tends to describe the Lotto Hotpicks as five games in one; there are essentially five ways of playing the games, and you'll find each separate way has its own odds and pay offs. If you have an interest in playing Lotto Hot picks, you should be aware of each of the variations and the odds.

The safest way to play is also the cheapest; you'll find that matching a single ball, the prize stands at £5 with your odds being 1 in 9 of winning. To match two numbers, the prize rises to £40, but your odds drop dramatically to a 1 in 79 chance of winning.

Take this to the most favorable outcome, where getting five out of five numbers correct will net you £130 000, but where the chances of actually winning are an extremely unlikely 1 in 317,814.

The Lotto Hotpicks, as with any lottery, is a game where you take your chances. Take some time and think about your odds and what you will get out of playing this game! Go from Hotpicks to Home