Getting Other People to check your Lottery Results

Getting other people to check your lottery results saves you from having to go through a series of emotions that could leave you extremely excited, severely depressed, or somewhere in-between.

If you are too nervous then ask your partner, friend, colleague, brother or sister to check for you. But be sure to double-check the results yourself, just in case that they made a mistake.

But if you have been playing the lottery several times, and you have been checking the numbers several times also, then you will be a hardened veteran. So checking lottery results will most likely not be a problem for you.

Some people use an automated method to check the numbers and I have written a separate article on this. There are several ways to check your results automatically.

If someone else checks your results for you and you have won a prize, do not forget to give them a generous portion of your winnings. I think that it would be fair to do so. After all, if they did not check, you would never have known that you won.

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