Forgetting to check

Forgetting to check if your numbers won is an almost unforgivable crime. On the one hand, you probably haven’t won anything anyway so it doesn’t matter if you forget to check you lottery winning numbers.

However, if you *have* won the jackpot, then wha..? You’d be making on of the biggest lottery losses that you could ever possibly make.

The message is: Leave backup systems in place to check those numbers so that you do not miss a very great lottery winning and money banking opportunity.

There is usually a time limit before unclaimed prizes are donated to the Missing in Action Carrier Pigeons Association. So if you forget to check a result, you still have some time once you remember that you once bought a ticket oh so many days ago.

There are lots of ways to remind yourself. Ask friend, use an alarm clock, tie a string to your finger - I've got one tied to my finger at the moment but I can't remeber why I put it there. But once you learn to keep remembering, you'll never miss a win.

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