Euro Millions Rollover

Euro Lottery and Euro Millions Rollover

The Euro lottery is not very old having been introduced on February 7, 2004. This European lottery was the protégé of Camelot, who had their first drawing on February 13, 2004 in Paris. Originally France, Spain and the UK were the first to have the chance to play this game of chance. However, in October 2004, six more countries in Europe joined the ranks of those already playing the numbers.

The Euro millions drawing is every Friday and the money is rolled over if there are no winners until someone hits the lucky numbers. Basically what this means is if there are no winners the amount increases so much each week until someone chooses the winning combination of numbers.

If Euro Millions Rollover happens a few times there is a chance of winning some very large amounts of cash. The numbers from which you choose are from one to fifty for the main numbers and from one to nine for the star numbers. Five numbers are chosen from the main numbers and two from the star numbers.

The grand prize is yours if you hit all five main numbers and the two lucky star numbers. There are many ways that you can win lesser amounts by choosing the following sets of numbers:

Five main numbers and one lucky star numberFive main numbers and no lucky star numbersFour main numbers and two lucky star numbersFour main numbers and one lucky star numbersFour main numbers and no lucky star numbers

These numbers go on down with less being won with each draw of less winning numbers. The amount that you win depends upon what the grand prize has mounted to by the time someone chooses all the winning numbers. The odds are high but eventually someone will choose the right combination of numbers and win. One thing is certain. If you do not play Euro Millions Rollover, you cannot win.

February 3, 2006 was a lucky day for three people, two from France and one from Portugal when the European lotto was won after having rolled over 11 times. The prize was £125,194,303 which three people got to split. This was undoubtedly a very happy day for these three people.

Not only can you purchase your tickets at shops in Europe but now you can purchase your tickets online. Many people join syndicates to buy their lottery tickets with higher chances of the winning combination of numbers being drawn. If there are any of the people holding tickets with the winning numbers in the group then everyone wins.

The Euro lottery supports many Good Causes as well. Since the inception in 2004, over 300,000 grants have been given to charities, the Olympics, and many underprivileged children. The Good Causes has helped many children and families to get back on the healthy track.

The big prize is now £11,697,000.00 as of 10-03-08. There were no winners in the Friday drawing. So the money will roll over and next Friday the amount you can win will be even more. Click here Euro Millions Rollover to go to the home page.