Euro Millions Ireland

Euro Millions Ireland

The Euro Millions lottery game has nine countries that participate and Ireland is one of the participating countries.

Euro lottery Ireland is extremely popular and many players play multiple lines for more chances to win at least a small share of the pari-mutuel jackpot.

There are 12 prize levels in which winners can share and if you have at least one main number and two of the lucky star numbers, you will win a share of the money. The drawing is held every Friday night and the minimum amount to be won in the Jackpot is never any lower than 15 million Euros.

In recent years, with more eager players, the Jackpots have gone very high, with the largest jackpot coming in at 183 million Euros. Anyone can play who is at least 18 years old and in the UK, you only have to be 16 in order to participate.

The Euro Millions Ireland portion of this multi country lottery has many players who enjoy the chance to test their luck at becoming millionaires. Many of Ireland’s citizens have won prizes over the past few years with their ticket entries.

Players can play a single play or choose multiple lines of play on one ticket. They know that to receive the pay you have to play.

There are other Irish lotteries to be sure and one of these is the Irish National, which pays over 50% of the total money to the winners and uses the remainder to do national projects in the country. These monies fund many projects in art, health, and sports.

If you play the Irish National Lottery, the jackpot is always at least 2 million euro and is usually much higher. The drawing for this is held every Wednesday and every Saturday nights and these are televised. You try to match up to 6 numbers for the jackpot prize. The numbers range from 1-45. You will win a small prize for any 3 matched numbers on one ticket, and there are prizes for players who match 4 or 5 numbers as well. There is also a bonus number that you select on the ticket and if you have 3, 4 or 5 numbers matched plus the bonus number, you will win a larger prize.

Both the Euro Millions and the National Irish lotteries are offered online as well as locally in order that people from other countries can also participate and try for a win.

Ireland welcomes other participants to play in their national lottery because the more tickets that are bought the higher the jackpot will go. When jackpots start to show giant increases, this automatically attracts more players, which can send some of the Irish National jackpots skyrocketing through the roof. The Irish National has seen jackpots of over 10 million Euros already. Players enjoy this particular lottery because the drawings happen twice weekly. The prize monies won are free from any tax and they can be paid in a lump sum to the winners.

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