Choosing Lottery Numbers

Choosing Lottery Numbers. 12 Strategies to Help You Win.

1. Do not form patterns on the ticket sheet - You need to be random. So choosing all the numbers down one side of the sheet will put you at a disadvantage when playing the lottery.

2. Do not form zig-zags on the ticket sheet – Again, you need to be random. Just think of the numbers that you want to play and mark the off on the ticket sheet.

3. Do not form circles, shapes etc. Think of the most obscure and random things that are number related and use these for your lottery numbers or to give you some ideas.

4. Do not pick numbers that have already won - You need to be random and these numbers will almost never occur again. This leaves you at a disadvantage. Try using a recommended syndicate if you have trouble choosing lottery numbers.

5. Do not use Birthdates - They stop you going higher than 31. This is one of those tips that you don not realise could be a problem until you see it written down in black and white.

6. Do not use repeating numbers – This is not random. Also, the system only allows you to use each number only once.

7. Do not use consecutive numbers – This is not random. How true this is. When last did you ever see consecutive numbers in a winning lottery result. Yes it could happen but it is more likely NOT to happen.

8. Do not use all even numbers. One lady contacted me and said that she could not use any other type of number. Using only even numbers will limit you when choosing lottery numbers.

9. Do not use all odd numbers. This is because you are neglecting one half of all the numbers that you could be choosing from. Not good, especially if the results showed that 2 of the winning numbers in the lottery results were even. So use both odd and even numbers.

10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, is not random. These numbers all follow each other so they are consecutive.

11. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 is not random either. Although these numbers are bigger, they are still not random.

12. 7, 17, 27, 37, 47 …All of these numbers have 7 in them. It is highly unlikely that these numbers together will win you a lottery jackpot. You get the picture.

In summary, use a mix of odd and even numbers, use the full range of numbers e.g. 1 to 49 and be as random as possible.

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