Avoid unclaimed prizes

Rule one of winning the lottery: Avoid unclaimed prizes.

I am sure that there are many reasons that would cause people to have unclaimed prizes waiting. For example, not being able to physically check the results. Forgetting that a ticket had been bought. Forgetting that the draw took place. Other distractions and do on.

If you cannot check the results yourself, ask someone or something to check lottery numbers for you. Huh? “Something”? Arrange for results to be emailed directly to you for instance. For example, if you play in a good online syndicate, the results will be automatically checked for you and you will receive an email or a text message which will alert you to the good news.

The unclaimed lottery prizes saga. I’m not sure how to fee about this situation. Jealous? Angry? Upset? Sad? What an awful waste of good lottery wins! Or is it? There is usually a time limit allowed for prizes to be claimed. After this period expires, the money is sent off to be used for good causes by many worthwhile organisations. So all’s well that ends well then, yes?

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