Automated checking of lottery results

Automated checking: Lottery results by email, SMS text message or carrier pigeon.

If you use email or SMS text message or carrier pigeon to receive lottery results, then you will never ever forget to check your winning numbers. This is a good thing because you might just one day actually win – and what a shame it would be if you forgot to check the lottery results and there was a tonne of money with your name on it. No one wins the jackpot twice (or do they?) so you must get it right the first time.

SMS and emails can also be set up to remind you of rollovers so that you can buy that special ticket that might net you that special win.

Personally, I have found carrier pigeons to be unreliable. They are easily distracted, often get eaten by eagles and other such birds of prey and are liable to leave pigeon poo all over your winning numbers and lottery results notification. Most unacceptable.

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