Unclaimed Prize Money

Unclaimed Prize Money is not really a source of trouble or problems for any individual or organisation.

Lots of people are still not aware that they have money waiting to be claimed at the National Lottery Camelot offices. After 6 months, if they have not claimed than the money will go to good causes.

As of today, 11 September, 2007 the largest unclaimed moneies is £163,855.90 This needs to be claimed by tomorrow or else. it will be gone to good causes. Just to let you know, in case you were wondering whether this was your Prize Money, the ticket was bought in Wales.

Next up are the unclaimed sums of:

£69,348.60£79,608£128,306 and so on.

The largest amount is a whopping £7,923,399!. Now whoever won this £7million purse is from the North Yorkshire area and has until 15 November 2007 to step up and claim.

There are probably hundreds of smaller prizes to be claimed.

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