Check lottery results of UK National Lottery

Check Lottery Results of UK National Lottery

The National Lottery has been around in the UK since 1994. Known more commonly these days as “Lotto”, players have the chance to win millions of pounds each week in the twice-weekly lotto draws.

The idea is to pick six balls from numbers 1-49. The balls are drawn live and if your numbers match the winning balls then you will win a certain amount of money. The jackpot is won by matching all six balls. The minimum amount of balls that you can match is three. It is the most popular lottery game within the UK and literally millions of people play it each week. This makes the chances of winning usually at least one million to one. However even though the odds are stacked against you, you still have the same chance as everybody else of winning.

Check lottery results of UK National Lottery

In order to find out whether you have won the National Lottery or not you have to check the results. If you do not check the results then you could have won but you would simply not know. There is an online service that will let you know if you have won if you choose to play online, but mainly it is always better to check the results yourself.

You can check the results either by watching the National Lottery UK draws live on Wednesdays and Saturdays, by checking the interactive services on BBC, through teletext or online. If you are worried about missing the results then it would be worth signing up for a National Lottery account online and that way you will be emailed if you win anything after the draw. That is the simplest way of finding out the results if you have a poor memory!

When you are checking your results, it is worth noting that three balls will win you £10. Four and more matching balls will win you a percentage of the overall jackpot. The money will be shared between all players who matched four or more balls. Usually the overall jackpot is estimated at around £6-£7 million. However, there can also be rollovers where nobody matched all six numbers the week before and so now, the jackpot is doubled.

To Check lottery results of UK National Lottery is Important

So many people forget to check their lottery tickets after the draw. This is especially the case when you purchase a ticket mid week and then place it somewhere out of sight. It is easy to forget to check whether you have won or not if so many other things have been going on in your life. The trouble is, if you don’t check, you will not know if you have won and you could potentially throw away millions of pounds.

You have 180 days to claim your money after the draw. If you miss that deadline, then you lose out on any prize money that you have won.

You can now Check lottery results of UK National Lottery